Your Tiny House Life Is Within Reach.

We Help You Achieve It.

The vision of Valley View Tiny House Company is to help you achieve the tiny house life catered to your specific needs. We do this by understanding your goals, providing space-maximizing solutions integrated into your surroundings, encouraging innovative craftsmanship, developing efficient do-it-yourself resources, and doing our part to help the less fortunate along the way. Whether your tiny house dreams are a forever home, vacation home, in-law quarters, guesthouse, or otherwise, we can help. We are Valley View Tiny House Company.


Browse our tiny house models. Each offers spacious floor plan design with lofty ceilings, creatively integrated storage solutions to maximize space, and our signature bay window area brings the outside in making a Valley View Tiny House the perfect compliment to the scenery you love.


Valley View’s easy-to-follow tiny house plans provide the detail you need to know to build the home your dreams. Both print and digital options are available to suit your preferred needs, along with a detailed materials list and much more to get you started quickly and easily.


Whether looking to get started, needing general construction advice, or in need of learning how to pair down life in preparation for the tiny house life, our team stands ready to help. Contact us now for help on building the tiny home of your dreams. We look forward to hearing from you.