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The why, how, and what of Valley View Tiny House Company. Not to mention how it all began.

Your Tiny House Life Is Within Reach.
We Help You Achieve It.

The vision of Valley View Tiny House Company is to help you achieve the tiny house life catered to your specific needs. We do this by understanding your goals, providing space-maximizing solutions integrated into your surroundings, encouraging innovative craftsmanship, developing efficient do-it-yourself resources, and doing our part to help the less fortunate along the way. Whether your tiny house dreams are a forever home, vacation home, in-law quarters, guesthouse, or otherwise, we can help. We are Valley View Tiny House Company.


The Valley View Big 5

Understanding Your Goals

Each person’s tiny house goals are different. Some choose to go tiny full-time, while others are searching for a vacation home or a living solution for loved ones. At Valley View Tiny House Company we develop houses, resources, and solutions to help you achieve the tiny house life in a way that fits you.

Innovative Craftsmanship

We strive to push the envelope when it comes to tiny house innovation. Maximizing space is one thing, but doing it in a way that makes sense, doesn’t overwhelm your space with cabinets, and simply looks like it belongs is essential. We call it integrated living solutions.

Space-Maximizing Design

When viewing Valley View Tiny House Company’s tiny house plans you can see how we’ve used every available inch of space. In combination with choosing the right interior finishes and furnishings, you will end up with a tiny house that’s well-organized, feels spacious, and is all you’ll ever need.

How-To Resources

Easy to follow plans along with building and professional organization consulting will help you get off on the right foot with tiny house living. We’re just getting started, as future resources will include workshops, books, videos, and more.

Helping The Less Fortunate

From the very beginning Valley View Tiny House Company will donate a portion of every dollar earned to help the less fortunate. Our eventual goal is to host tiny house builds in partnership with churches and organizations in a way that enables those in need to have a home of their own.

Whether it’s the bay window – our space-making, signature design feature – the plethora of  windows bringing the outside in, shelving within the walls, or integrated, fold away tables, it will become apparent how we accomplish the above. Combine that with a helpful, professional team comprised of craftsmen, an experienced designer, electrician, and plumber, and a professional organizer to help downsize and upgrade your life, we’re a well-rounded tiny house resource.

Please contact us to see how we can help you live tiny.


Want To Know Even More? Here’s The Nitty Gritty

How We Started

Entrepreneur Jeff Loper was in search of a second home in Colorado – a pricey, far fetched dream. Upon visiting a family friend’s farm where they had built a small, 300 square foot cabin on the back of their property near a well-stocked fishing pond it became clear that this is all that was needed to make the dream a reality. As research began for the Colorado home, tiny houses appeared in the Google search results and it quickly became clear that Jeff had the skill set needed to build one given his years of fine woodworking, working on Habitat for Humanity building sites, and supplementing his unknown knowledge with professional help. Out of his desire for a tiny house of his own, Valley View Tiny House Company was born. His plans for a second home in Colorado are still in the works as he pours his time and energy into helping others explore and achieve the tiny possibilities in their own lives.

It’s All In A Name

Why Valley View Tiny House Company? Life takes unexpected turns doesn’t it. As a career-long marketing professional, Jeff found that things were not turning out as planned. Never did he imagine that building tiny houses would become his career. One Sunday while attending service at Providence United Methodist Church Jeff heard a moving sermon titled “In The Valley of Unmet Expectations.”  Of course, the sermon focused on life and how it doesn’t always end up as you expect. And out of that sermon title came Valley View Tiny House Company.

What The Future Holds

Our faith is at the core of what we do. As part of our belief in God, we are to help those who have less. Just as life may not have turned out the way you expected, no one wakes up with the desire to one day be homeless. And while no one person or organization can end homelessness, our collective efforts can make an impact and Valley View Tiny House Company feels called to do our part. That why our future is so clearly painted with developing tiny houses for the homeless. A portion of every sale from Valley View Tiny House Company goes towards building tiny houses for the homeless. Beginning in 2015, our goal for each year will be to partner with a church somewhere in the United States to do a tiny house build for a well-deserving homeless person, couple, or family.

So, no matter your religious preference or beliefs, you can feel good about doing business with Valley View Tiny House Company knowing that a portion of the money you spend with us will help fight homelessness. We’ll keep you updated on our progress as it develops.

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