Valley View Tiny House Plans

Space-maximizing solutions integrated into your surroundings, innovative craftsmanship, a bay window...the hallmarks of a Valley View Tiny House.

You can order Valley View Tiny House Company plans below. You will be directed to PayPal where you can complete your purchase using PayPal itself, a major credit card, or debit card.

Each plan offers a complete set of construction documents, including:

  • Exterior framing plans
  • Exterior sheathing plans
  • Interior framing plans
  • Required materials list: This is a list of materials required to frame and sheath the house. This allows you the opportunity to apply your own interior and exterior finishings

If you opt to purchase plans including the digital version, you will need to download Sketchup, a FREE application! The digital version allows you to make modifications to the design, obtain dimensions for each piece used in construction, and much more. While the digital version is not required, it can be a great aid in the construction process.

Plan Customizations Available

We can customize any of our plans for just $45/hour. Most customizations take 3-4 hours. Plan purchase is required.

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The Shenandoah

The Yosemite

The Shenandoah - Traditional Elevation - Valley View Tiny House Company

The Shenandoah Traditional Floor Plan

The Yosemite - Traditional Elevation Concept - Valley View Tiny House Company

The Yosemite Traditional Floor Plan*

The Shenandoah - Contemporary Design - Valley View Tiny House Company

The Shenandoah Contemporary Floor Plan*

The Yosemite - Contemporary Elevation Concept - Valley View Tiny House Company

The Yosemite Contemporary Floor Plan*